Speedometer Calibration in Virginia Beach

There are many reasons for a speedometer calibration.  Many people often think to get their speedometer calibrated when they notice that the speed of their vehicles does not seem to be accurate.

Can speedometer calibration help dismiss a speeding ticket?

Have you been driving the speed limit, but stopped for speeding? Sometimes your speedometer needs to be calibrated to insure that it shows the accurate speed.  Have your speedometer calibrated at our Virginia Beach auto repair shop, and you may have a chance of having your speeding ticket dismissed.

When you think that your speedometer needs tuning, call Express Auto, your Virginia Beach auto repair center for a complete speedometer calibration.  We provide speedometer calibrations for the vehicles in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and all surrounding areas. Express Auto is  a full-service testing center offering calibration and repair for front-wheel and four-wheel drive cars, trucks, and tractor trailers.

Express Auto Electric offers fast and reliable service and the best prices in town. We provide you with a notarized speedometer accuracy certificate. This certificate can be your evidence in a speeding charge.

Call Express Auto Electric at 757-519-9200 to make an appointment online for a speedometer calibration, break repair, or any other auto repair services.