Virginia State Inspections

We offer Virginia state inspections in our Virginia Beach auto repair center. Quality work done fast by certified mechanics.

The state of Virginia requires motor vehicles to be inspected on an annual basis. Inspection stations and the conduct of the inspection program are closely monitored by the Virginia State Police Safety Division.

Inspectors undergo a State Police background check and are required to take a written test and a practical exam and meet minimum experience requirements to become certified. In addition, the facility has to be certified by the State Police. The State Police periodically visit our Virginia Beach auto repair center and monitor us on a continuing basis to insure that we are adhering to the regulations. The inspection regulations are complex, thorough, arcane and sometimes difficult to interpret and apply. The inspection manual that documents the program can be found here.

A summary of the inspection requirements is posted near our service desk as are the credentials for each of our inspectors. Our inspection certification was difficult to obtain and is critical to our business. Our inspectors’ livelihood is based on continued certification, so you can rest assured we do inspections “by the book.”

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