Standard Oil Change in Virginia Beach

The oil in you automobile needs to be changed periodically. Changing oil in your car or truck three of four times a year is usually the best way of keeping your vehicle running longer and more efficiently.

How often should I change my oil?

  • Passenger and light trucks that are running on gas are recommended to have an oil change at least once or twice a year or every 7,500 miles.
  • Diesel engines and turbocharged engines are recommended to have an oil change more often, every three months or every 3,000 miles.

The recommendations above imply that a vehicle is driven under ideal circumstances. However, frequent short trips (less than 10 miles, especially during cold weather), stop-and-go city traffic driving, driving in dusty conditions (gravel roads, etc.), and driving at sustained highway speeds during hot weather is considered to be “severe service” driving. For the “severe service” driving manufacturers recommend to schedule an oil change every six months or every 3,000 miles.

Since Virginia Beach does not offer a great deal of public transportation, personal vehicle is often the only means of getting to work, to school, grocery stores, etc. This is why keeping your car in a good shape is so important. To prolong the life of your vehicle and make it more efficient schedule a regular auto service with you local Virginia Beach auto mechanic.

Express Auto Electric, also known as Bob’s Auto Electric, offers standard oil change services to all the residents of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the surrounding Hampton Roads areas. Our certified mechanics will get right to work so you don’t miss the rest of your day – and with free coffee and WiFi available in our customer lounge your workflow doesn’t have to be interrupted.

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