Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Virginia Beach, VA

Keeping up with the maintenance for your car or truck pays off in the end — vehicles that are regularly kept up with according to factory scheduled maintenance guidelines last longer and save you money.

What is Factory Scheduled Maintenance?

It’s your car performing at its best when brought in for regular car maintenance and auto repair. Your owner’s manual offers a great detailed schedule that outlines specific actions performed on different parts and systems. This will help you in understanding your vehicle’s needs at various intervals over time. Our Certified Service Experts are on hand to provide no-nonsense factory scheduled maintenance in Virginia Beach, VA, that keeps your car running like its brand new.

Having the manufacturer recommended interval maintenance performed upholds your vehicle’s warranties and ensures your vehicle operates safely. You will prevent unwanted repair costs and see visible benefits in the long run.

Basic Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Basic factory scheduled services may include tire rotation, oil and filter change, and safety inspection. Mileage scheduled maintenance varies from 5,000 to 10,000 and all the way up to 100,000 miles. Different manufacturers offer mileage intervals that may vary, but our Virginia Beach auto repair shop is equipped to handle all factory maintenance schedules.

Intermediate Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Typically around 15,000 miles on the low end and up to 75,000 miles on the high end, the maintenance required includes worn belts, air filters, and checks for leaks. At this interval, wiper blades may be dull, and tires are showing signs of wear. Never fear, our advanced equipment detector will inspector your vehicle for any operational irregularities.

Major Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Around 3-5 years into your car or truck’s life, it is typically time for the vehicle’s first major maintenance repair. Brake pads and tires may need replacing, fluids need to be changed, and spark plugs switched. Regular care and maintenance at this stage begins to pay off with visible benefits.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Virginia Beach and Norfolk

Express Auto Electric offers scheduled maintenance for all makes and models in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. We encourage customers to avoid a great deal of auto repair work by keeping up with factory scheduled maintenance. We are recognized regularly for our customer service and fair prices. To learn more about regularly scheduled factory maintenance and auto repair services, call Express Auto Electric today!