Brake Repair and Replacement in Virginia Beach, VA

Every time you get into your car you travel with precious cargo – if not yourself, then your children and friends. You want to arrive at your destination safely every time without fail, but the longer you leave your brakes unchecked you put yourself and your passengers at risk.

Express Auto Electric (also known as Bob’s Auto Electric) specializes in brake repair and replacement in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for all makes and models of cars and trucks. We believe a good, functional brake system is one of the most important aspects of car safety. If you are unsure of the quality of your brakes you need to make an appointment with us immediately. Signs you want to watch for include:

  • A squealing or squeaking noise every time you apply the brakes.
  • Scraping or grinding sensation every time you apply the brakes.
  • The brake pedal drops when you tap it, and you have to pump it to get it to work.
  • The car seems to take longer to slow when you tap the brakes.

Don’t wait another moment to have your brakes checked if you sense problems at our Virginia Beach auto repair center! Not only do you put your passengers and people in other cars at risk, but you may further damage your car. Let Express Auto Electric handle your brake maintenance efficiently and affordable.

  • Brake replacement – We can replace drum or disc brakes, and power brake boosters on any vehicle.
  • Replacement of brake fluid – For brakes that need minor repairs, sometimes fluid replacement is the key to getting them to work properly.
  • Master cylinder repair/replacement – A damaged cylinder could lead to fluid leaks, which in turn decreases the effectiveness of your brakes.
  • Anti-lock sensors replacement – For cars with an ABS system.

Contact our brake repair specialist in Virginia Beach auto repair center today or schedule your appointment online!

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