Replace Hybrid Honda Battery in Virginia Beach

Congratulations on your auto-savvy choice of purchasing a hybrid Honda!


Low emissions, ecologically friendly and fuel efficient, it is easy to see why hybrid vehicles are changing the way we purchase and drive cars. What you probably don’t know is that the fuel efficiency of a hybrid stems from the battery. Hybrid batteries power the electric motor, propelling the car along the road while putting less strain on the gasoline engine. This means each component will last longer, potentially 8-10 years.

But what do you do when your IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) light flickers on and your hybrid battery seems to be dying?

You visit Express Auto Electric in Virginia Beach for a replacement!

Not only can you get your hybrid battery replaced for less, the experts at Express Auto will install it for no extra charge!

You may be imagining a simple AA battery that fits in your remote control, or perhaps the flat lithium ion square that resides inside your smart phone, but these batteries are actually composed of multiple battery cells working together.


Honda hybrid batteries are made up of approximately 120 industrial-size “D-Cells” and are constructed to utilize two propulsion systems:

Electric motor and battery
Internal combustion engine

There are three types of hybrid batteries:

  1. Mild: Never needs to be plugged in; uses electric motor and battery to assist the internal combustion engine.
  2. Full: Never needs to be plugged in; both propulsion systems may function together or separately.
  3. Plug-In: Internal combustion engine acts only as a back-up to rechargeable components: electric motor and battery.

In addition to having a higher, more powerful capacity than the original, these replacements will only cost you $2295! 

If you do own a Toyota Hybrid, never fear! Express Auto Electric in Virginia Beach repairs all makes and models of hybrid batteries,

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