Oil Change in Virginia Beach

How often should I change oil?

The experts all over the country recommend changing the oil in your car or truck every three months or every three thousand miles. The main reason for an oil change is that your oil deteriorated over time. The regular oil checks will reduce the formation of sludge (a combination of heat, friction, and the oil oxidizing over time resulted in an unholy clothing of the engine’s internal parts) that can result in a premature engine failure.

How do I know if it is time to change oil?

Even though the experts and your local mechanic might recommend a standard oil change frequency, it is always better to schedule an oil change more often if your vehicle is operated in severe conditions. Remember, that regular oil changes will reduce sludge formation and keep your motor running smoother.

Where to change oil in Virginia Beach?

Express Auto Electric (also known as Bob’s Auto Electric) offers standard oil change services to all the residents of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Our certified mechanics will get right to work so you don’t miss the rest of your day – and with free coffee and WiFi available in our customer lounge your workflow doesn’t have to be interrupted.

Contact Express Auto Electric to schedule an oil change for your vehicle today!