Don’t Forget to get your State Inspection!

As another month draws to a close, Express Auto Electric gears up for the usual rush of State Auto Inspections. The experienced mechanics at Express Auto Electric know that vehicle inspection is nobody’s favorite chore. That’s why we strive to make the process as quick and pleasant as possible. There are, however, a few quick things you can easily check at home before your inspection to save time later on.

There are lots of small things that can cause a vehicle to fail inspection, costing you valuable time. By checking out your car ahead of time, you can often replace broken or missing pieces without much hassle, saving yourself the worry when Inspection time rolls around. At the very least, you won’t have to listen to that squeaky windshield wiper anymore.

Check over the essentials:

  • Tire tread and wear
  • Cracked or missing mirrors
  • Windshield wipers
  • Toot your own horn…just to test it, of course.
  • Test all seat belts in vehicle
  • Test all windows in vehicle. The driver’s window is the most important in terms of passing your inspection.
  • Lights:
    • License plate tag lights
    • Reverse lights
    • Markers on the sides
    • Brake light & 3rd brake light
    • Headlights
    • Turn signals

You can always trust Express Auto Electric Virginia Beach Auto Repair to handle your state inspection. The experienced mechanics at Express Auto Electric are ready and waiting to put that brand new sticker on your windshield. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.