Do I need a Speedometer Calibration?

Have you noticed that when your speedometer is on 25 mph, your car seams to go a bit slower, or faster? Does it feels that your speedometer is a bit “off”?

Speedometer that is not working correctly may cause driving over the limit, or even an accident. You could receive a speeding ticket when you think that you drive under the speeding limit, but your speedometer isn’t working correctly.

When you think that your speedometer needs an adjustment, call Express Auto, your Virginia Beach auto repair center for a complete speedometer calibration.  We provide speedometer calibrations for the vehicles in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and all surrounding areas. Express Auto is  a full-service testing center offering calibration and repair for front-wheel and four-wheel drive cars, trucks, and tractor trailers.

Make sure that your speedometer works perfectly, and the number it is showing is the correct one. Speedometers were made to show the speed of the vehicle, make sure that yours does the job! Contact your Virginia Beach auto repair center for all the information about speedometer calibration.

Do not wait for a speeding ticket, or even dismiss one with the proper speedometer calibration.  We provide you with a notarized speedometer accuracy certificate, which you can take to court to prove the malfunction of your speedometer, and fight your ticket! Do not wait for your insurance rates to go up, call Express Auto today!

Call (757) 519-9200 for all your speedometer calibration questions.

By Bob Barbado