Reasons to Get Your Speedometer Calibrated

How many of us can admit that sometimes we don’t pay attention to speed when we drive? There may be days when we’re on the highway and going fifty-five, but it doesn’t feel like we’re driving that fast. Some days you may look down at your speedometer and release the gas, thinking you’ve gone over the limit. Have you, though? When it comes to your driving and maintaining a good record, making sure your speedometer works correctly is very important.

If you have owned for your car for many years and have no plans to trade it in for a new model, you do everything you can to extend the life of your car, right? You get new tires, change the oil regularly, and take it in for inspection. You may not consider the need to calibrate your speedometer if it appears a bit off as you drive. What’s a mile here or there, you wonder, does it make a difference? In some cases, it does. A faulty speedometer could cause problems down the road, not necessarily of a mechanical nature, but a financial one.

When you drive forty-five miles an hour, fifty-five, or faster, you want to make sure that the speedometer reflects the right speed. This is critical for a number of reasons:

1) Speeding Tickets – Nobody wants to be stopped by the police, especially on a speeding charge you believe is not right. If you believe the ticketing officer was incorrect about your speed, and you believe your speedometer being off was the cause, you can go for a calibration. If it can be proven that your speedometer was not correct, you may have a chance of acquittal.

2) Insurance Purposes – In the event you are involved in a situation that requires a claim on your auto insurance, it is helpful to have a proper calibration done to make sure your speed was properly recorded. If somebody tries to accuse you of speeding and causing harm, you can provide paperwork that states otherwise.

3) Trading In – If you do decide to trade in your vehicle or sell it outright, it should be in good working condition. Having the speedometer calibrated shows that you have taken measures to ensure the car is a good buy.

Most people don’t think about speedometer calibration until it is needed. When you feel the meter doesn’t quite match how fast you drive, consider contacting your trusted garage or mechanic to check.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach auto repairs and Virginia Beach car repairs.