How To Prolong The Life of Your Car Battery

Virginia Beach car batteryVirginia Beach is famous for the warm weather, great outdoors, and, unfortunately, its peak traffic hours. Short trips with lots of stops often negatively affect the life of car your battery. It doesn’t get fully recharged which shortens your battery’s life overall.

Our Virginia Beach and Norfolk customers often ask us how to prolong the life of their car batteries. If you are among those who find themselves replacing their car batteries almost every year, the following tips may help you save time and money:

  1. Keep the battery terminals clean and inspect them regularly – Rusty terminals are often the reason for short battery life. Open the hood and make sure that the terminals don’t have signs of corrosion.
  2. Invest in an automatic battery recharger – Use from time to time to charge your battery. Charging it once a month should be enough during hot months, and every three month during cold season.
  3. Run your car before you drive – Try to keep your car running for several minutes before operating the car accessories and the vehicle itself, allow the battery to get topped off by the alternator which produces electricity and as a by-product charges the car battery after voltage drops in the battery.
  4. Avoid “killing” your battery – Watching DVD, listening to music, leaving lights on when the car is off depletes your battery.
  5. Keep the battery secure – unnecessary vibration may damage your battery, and often damage other parts of your vehicle.

Are you still concerned about getting the most out of your battery and keeping the costs down? Please visit our Virginia Beach auto repair center and allow us to take a look at your car. Our experienced auto technicians will go above and beyond to repair your vehicle and save you money on repairs. Please contact us to make an appointment today!