Drive Safe this season with Express Auto Electric in Virginia Beach

The holidays are coming up and that means a lot of time, money and travel. Trust Express Auto Electric in Virginia Beach to make certain your vehicle is in Tip-Top driving shape! Enjoy the food, gifts and relatives worry-free this year.

469159175There are a few aspects of winter car care that are especially important:

  1. Get your Oil Changed. Everybody knows that you should have your oil changed between 3-5,000 miles in order to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting this simple upkeep can result in irreparable damage to your vehicle. Schedule a quick oil change with Express Auto Electric today, and steer clear of any trouble this season.
  2. Check your Tires. The colder temperature can change the pressure in your tires, which can make driving very dangerous. Additionally, you need good tread and proper alignment. Stop in at Express Auto Electric today and invest in a full new set to keep you on track this year.
  3. Repair your Brakes. If the oil is the life-blood of your vehicle, and the tires are the hands and feet, then the brakes are the will power and self-control. Brakes that whine, squeal or don’t have the ability to stop themselves from going too far put your life at risk. Before you make that holiday pilgrimage over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s perfect turkey stuffing and pecan pie, bring your brakes to Express Auto Electric for a yuletide tune-up.

Express Auto Electric in Virginia Beach has all of your winter vehicle needs covered. Call or stop by today to schedule a time to have your car serviced.

Hey, cars need a little holiday love, too!