Don’t Let the Harsh Summer Heat Keep You From Going Where You Need to Go

Steamy summer days can leave you stranded in the heat, so avoiding planning ahead and preparing for summer road trips is your prerogative. As your Virginia Beach auto repair center, we’re recommending a few preventative measures to keep your vehicle cool and running like a Jamaican bobsled team. Left to their own devices cars and trucks can start to look a little wilted. To avoid your vehicle looking like a melted Nestle Drumstick in the summer sun, follow these tips:

Check Fluids

If you think the inside of your mouth feels like the dessert – water would have a hard time quenching in this heat, just think what the fluids in your car are doing. Leaky radiators, low engine coolant, windshield washer fluid and motor oil all keep your machine running. When coolant levels are low, hoses crack, belts break, and radiators weep. Check your owner’s manual for a refresher while you wait for the engine to cool before taking a peek inside.

Maintain Air Conditioning

Next to a vehicle of passengers blissfully blowing in the wind inside closed windows on a hot day is someone who might have died from overheating. Avoid fellow travelers calling for help on your behalf just because your air conditioning is spewing hot air and it looks like you’ve passed out from the stagnation. Freon free refrigerant is your best friend and deserves a rightful place on this list to keep at a proper level; the most common cause of malfunctioning air conditioning.

Roadside Emergency Kit

A vehicle is a complicated machine and so are we. Keep water on hand for both the radiator and yourself. Pack away a flashlight, flares and a first aid kit so breakdowns will merely be pit stops. Pops taught you well if you also pack away a few screwdrivers, jumper cables, car jack and blankets. Express Auto Electric is always there for you and can pick you up in case of emergency like a good auto repair shop. Have your emergency numbers programmed in your phone for when you need an auto electric repair shop in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, and your phones charged too.

Where the Rubber Meets the Pavement

It’s a tread life for tires and recommended tire rotation every 5,000 miles helps with wear and tear. In summer, tires can become under-inflated. This causes bulging at the sides and is an easy way to tell if you need to check the air pressure.

One last piece of advice call Express Auto Electric in Virginia Beach at 757-519-9200 for your next car service, and park in the shade for Pete’s sake!