Do You Need To Replace Your Car’s Brakes?

For every trip you make in your car, you risk serious injury. This is not to say that driving or riding in a car is dangerous, but very likely since you learned to drive you were taught to do so defensively and watch for potential hazards. This means not only paying attention to drivers around you (some of whom may not be paying attention at all), but sensing problems with your car that need to be handled. When it comes to your car’s brakes, you cannot afford to wait out such a problem.

Regardless of the state of your finances, if you rely upon your car to get to work and to complete chores and see the kids to school, you know you have no choice when it comes to an important repair. It needs to happen soon or else you could be grounded indefinitely. Failing brakes, in particular, top the list of priority fixes because without functioning brakes you put more than your car at risk. You may grip about the cost of repairing car brakes, but imagine if you had an accident because you couldn’t stop your car in time, and you caused greater damage to another car or human life!

So, how can you tell that you need a repair or replacement on this car part, before you press down and discover the car hasn’t stopped? There are a number of warning signs you can look out for to help you discern when you need to bring the car into the shop.

1) Do the brakes squeal or squeak when you tap them? You may be able to stop the car in a timely manner, but if you’re hearing a noise as you slow down this could be a sign that something needs to be done very soon.

2) Do you sense a grinding noise or vibration through the floor when you slow down your car? This is another sign that at the very least a repair is in order. It may mean nothing more than replacement of fluid to help keeps the brakes smooth and functioning properly.

3) If the pedal doesn’t spring back up after being depressed, there is definitely an issue that needs to be corrected. Pumping the brakes to get them to work could cause further problems with your car.

Once you have identified the problem with this part of your automobile, make an appointment with a trusted automotive service to fix your brakes. A well operating vehicle contributes to your driving safety.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach automotive repair and Virginia Beach cars for sale.