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  • Do You Need a Pre-Sale Car Inspection?

    If there is anything my husband and I do with regularity, it’s car shopping. Every four to five years, my husband gets the itch and we’re off to inspect new models at the local dealerships. When we do decide to buy new, we always trade in one of our current cars. I like to think […]

  • When To Replace Your Timing Belt

    Your car needs regular maintenance to run without any problems, and be a safe, reliable transportation for you and your family.Timing belt replacement is one of such services, and need to be done on a regular basic to ensure a good running condition of your vehicle. What are timing belts? Timing belt is a rubber […]

  • Do I need a Speedometer Calibration?

    Have you noticed that when your speedometer is on 25 mph, your car seams to go a bit slower, or faster? Does it feels that your speedometer is a bit “off”? Speedometer that is not working correctly may cause driving over the limit, or even an accident. You could receive a speeding ticket when you […]

  • When Your Car Won’t Start

    If you turn the key in the ignition and nothing happens, don’t automatically assume your battery is dead. While a dead battery is a common cause of a failed start, there are other things you should look at as well. Check your fuses to make sure they are in good working order, then check for […]

  • Do You Need To Replace Your Car’s Brakes?

    For every trip you make in your car, you risk serious injury. This is not to say that driving or riding in a car is dangerous, but very likely since you learned to drive you were taught to do so defensively and watch for potential hazards. This means not only paying attention to drivers around […]

  • Safety Features to Look For in Used Cars

    With the economy in flux, it doesn’t matter how well or how badly you are doing financially: your car isn’t going to wait until a good time to break down. When the time is necessarily to look into the purchase, it seems car owners are never prepared. You buy a car, and expect it to […]

  • CV Joint Bad?

    Popping or clicking noises when turning. This almost always indicates a worn or damaged outer CV joint. To test, drive in a backwards circle with steering wheel turned all the way. I f noise is louder, it confirms outer CV joint is bad. A clunk when accelerating or decelerating or when putting into drive. This […]

  • Be Comfortable and Clear Behind the Wheel

    Technology is wonderful. How fortunate we are to live in an age where coffee can be brewed instantly, where we can speak with people on the other world, and where we can instantly download news, mail, and financial statements in real time over small, wireless computers. To do all of this while driving…we should reconsider. […]

  • What to Look For in a Reputable Auto Mechanic

    You’re driving down the street, and you hear a squeak, or a knock, or some other foreign sound that indicates your formerly healthy automobile is ailing. You may need the brakes checked or the oil changed, or maybe it’s time to repair the transmission or get new tires. If these are not things you’re capable […]