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  • Did You Know We Work on BMWs?

    When it’s time to have repair or maintenance work done on your BMW, bring your car to Express Auto Electric. Our team of Virginia Beach auto mechanics specialize in all current and classic BMW models and have received the exact same factory training as your local BMW dealership service center. However, our quality work comes […]

  • Don’t Let the Harsh Summer Heat Keep You From Going Where You Need to Go

    Steamy summer days can leave you stranded in the heat, so avoiding planning ahead and preparing for summer road trips is your prerogative. As your Virginia Beach auto repair center, we’re recommending a few preventative measures to keep your vehicle cool and running like a Jamaican bobsled team. Left to their own devices cars and […]

  • Don’t Forget to get your State Inspection!

    As another month draws to a close, Express Auto Electric gears up for the usual rush of State Auto Inspections. The experienced mechanics at Express Auto Electric know that vehicle inspection is nobody’s favorite chore. That’s why we strive to make the process as quick and pleasant as possible. There are, however, a few quick things […]

  • Electric and Hybrid Auto Repair in Virginia Beach

    Everyone knows that feeling. You’re driving down Virginia Beach freeway, maybe on your way to work, when something catches your eye: a bright light, staring you down from your dashboard: the check engine light. Every driver’s worst nightmare, the engine light could mean anything from a loose gas cap to decreasing battery performance. Either way, […]

  • A Great Auto Repair Shop is Right Next Door!

    Express Auto Electric has changed the address. But one of the best Virginia Beach auto repair shops didn’t move too far. We are right next door to our previous location, and we are still the best place for calibration, oil change, tire rotation, and other auto repair services. Please stop call or stop by our […]

  • How To Prolong The Life of Your Car Battery

    Virginia Beach is famous for the warm weather, great outdoors, and, unfortunately, its peak traffic hours. Short trips with lots of stops often negatively affect the life of car your battery. It doesn’t get fully recharged which shortens your battery’s life overall. Our Virginia Beach and Norfolk customers often ask us how to prolong the […]

  • Getting Your Car Ready For a Long Distance Road Trip

    When you’re excited about traveling to a destination and all of the exciting things you’re going to do on a trip, car maintenance may not be at the front of your mind. But a flat tire or an overheated engine can ruin a road trip before you even get to your destination. Follow these tips […]

  • Is it Time to Change Your Brakes?

    Balancing your day between work or school commute, grocery shopping, and numerous other things? With constant driving and frequent stops, your car works just as hard as you do.  Your brake system takes good care of the safety of you and your passengers slowing down and stopping your vehicle. Your brakes, being in constant use, […]

  • Signs You Need a New Muffler

    Those of us who aren’t savvy with cars may still detect when something needs repair. If we hear strange pings and the car just doesn’t “sit right,” it may be time for a trip to the garage. When it comes to your muffler, there are ways you can tell it’s time for a replacement. You […]