About Express Auto Repair in Virginia Beach

Express Auto Electric
25 Years in Auto Repair Business
A lifetime of Experience:

Success built one step at a time is the best description of the formation of Express Auto Electric, previously known as Bob’s Auto Electric.

Twenty five years earlier as a lot attendant for a local used car lot, I started my journey of experiences culminating in the creation of the best full service auto repair shop in Virginia Beach. From lot attendant, I cross trained to tire changer. I left the automotive industry and learned electronic skills as a technician for an amusement company.

The Growing Years:

This knowledge was further developed in automotive electrical diagnosis as I worked in an exclusive automotive electrical shop. Our reputation for being electric “wizards” who could solve impossible electrical problems grew and our customer base was not only the individuals, but other Virginia Beach auto repair shops as well as new and used car dealerships in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and all over Hampton Roads. By 1986 I was a partner of this same shop.

Where we’re going:

In 1997 I decided it was time to open Express Auto Electric (some of my customers may know it as Bob’s Auto Electric). Continuing efforts to expand my abilities has resulted in my acquiring both a Virginia State Inspection license and ASE certification. This has expanded my abilities to not only offer electrical repairs, but a full service repair center in Virginia Beach including oil changes, wheel alignments, tire changes, and more. As owner, I am not only a business manager, but a qualified automobile technician working side by side with my mechanics, making sure that your vehicle is repaired as quickly as possible.

Today we also offer one of the best BMW repair shops in the Hampton Roads area with our expert BMW technicians who can perform any work to your Bimmer that the dealership can do, but only at a fraction of the price.

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